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We are a leading Queensland based Australian company specialising in beauty, teeth whitening treatments, equipment and supplies.
We supply whitening products and accelerators to Dentists, Day Spas, Beauty Salons and Mobile Technicians.
We provide you with all the marketing materials and information you require to get started in this multi-billion dollar
industry We give you all the information about all cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, customers requirements
and the best marketing strategies to get your return on investment.
We can provide you with the flyers, brochures, images and consent forms that you need to be highly successful teeth
whitening specialist in your region.
We have great packages to get you started no matter how big or small you may be.

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All products and machines are manufactured in USA are FDA approved and follow all the ACCC requirements for Australia.

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Essential Tools For Your Business!

Only a few years ago Dentists were the only professionals to perform
teeth whitening treatments, but now there are many Beauty Salons,
Day Spa and Tanning Salons that perform these treatments.

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure if done correctly.
Using the correct whitening agent which is a hydrogen peroxide
gel and the appropriate teeth whitening machine.

A good quality machines and products means peace of mind
in the knowledge of providing consistent and safe procedures or your clients!

Make Money Straight Away!

Having Teeth Whitening on your list of services means you are not losing business and sales to a dentist or beauty salon that’s down the street. With our Professional Starter Package you can have the teeth whitening machine paid back after only 12 treatments depending on your treatment prices. This means only 12 treatments in, and you have generated enough profit to pay for the machine and product to get going.

You only then need to buy product to keep going, making it extremely affordable. This package has all the products you will need to perform a professional teeth whitening treatment with great results. To purchase this packages or any professional products we require a ABN number this is a requirement from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

About The Whitening Process

A cosmetic teeth whitening treatment will NOT make the teeth white, like veneers. However it does make them lighter and in fact sometimes it can bring them down to 14 shades lighter, this depends on a multitude of factors, including how stained the teeth are, what caused most of the discoloration, and how well the persons enamel reacts to peroxide also the number of treatments performed. It also depends on the kind of gel used, and the concentration of the teeth whitening gel used. Normally 99% of people are very satisfied with the results they obtain with our system, most get very impressive results, but there a few that get a less dramatic result, and· in some cases people cannot really achieve lighter looking teeth this can be because of stains caused by antibiotic tetracycline or fluorosis

Although there are significant differences among the teeth whitening machines/Accelerators available in the market, the most important factor is the gel used. Hydrogen peroxide achieves better results than carbamide peroxide. 16% hydrogen peroxide is the strongest teeth bleaching gel you can use without being a Dentist. This system is painted directly onto the teeth by the client and cannot be used with a mouth tray because the trays can put too much gel on gums and cause irritation. We also have home care kits that clients can purchase to use at home to maintain there whitening treatment.

We also have a professional teeth whitening kits for dentists only that is 35% hydrogen peroxide that includes a gingival barrier and desensitizing gel. As to choosing a teeth whitening machine this can be a very daunting as there are so many in the market place now, all promising that there is the most powerful a lot are made in China or Taiwan. (All our machines come from USA and are FDA approved). Just make sure that it is a legitimate LED teeth whitening lamp that emits a blue light, and the lamp has at least 12 Watts as this will do the job, which is accelerate the whitening process. The lamp does 30% of the job only, while the gel does 70%. So the decisive part is always the gel, not the lamp. You must always make sure that your gel is safe and that it adhers to all Australian Standards.

Our manufacture is the only teeth whitening company that specialises in cosmetic teeth whitening and has real assembly facilities, a lab and over 9,000 sqm premises. No other competitor has any of this. They have a small office and no facilities: no manufacturing, no assembling and no gel-making. Often they don´t keep the gel in acceptable conditions and they don´t follow health & safety guidelines. All our producs are FDA approved and follow all Australian Guide lines